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Online Learning at Home

Home educating is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to schooling for many families and EducationCity is the perfect home education tool. Designed to move at the same pace as the child is developing, its personalised learning approach concentrates on how each child’s learning experience is focused on their own needs, not those of 30 other children, and it is this tailored approach that we champion.
Through a child’s EducationCity subscription they will be immersed in Maths, English, Science, French, German and Spanish. However, each subject will be at an academic level that matches your child’s ability. Each child follows a progression called a ‘learning pathway’ and importantly we ensure they know how they are progressing along it!

When a child is ready to move to a new academic level, because they are able to or due to a new school year, you can simply change their academic level online. A new learning pathway is then created automatically and your child able to progress at their own pace at the new level.

It is this personal approach to education that ensures the foundations of your child’s learning are as strong as possible.

Outside school hours our children spend most of his time playing games. Children spend hours of their leisure time on the Internet and EducationCity educational software provides games that offer them hours of fun out of school. Whether solving maths problems or enjoying our fun science games that are aligned to the curriculum and national educational standards , they will learn without even realising it.

EducationCity enables children to take control of their own learning and makes it a more enjoyable experience. Not only can children become immersed in fun maths, literacy and science games but they can also dabble with modern foreign languages such as French, Spanish and German.

We also provide ground-breaking SATs practice tests for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Maths, to prepare your child for the tests they take at school.

world dress up learning gameThese tests provide great example questions to hone exam skills, but are even more valuable because questions are marked and answers provided. At the end of the test, the child knows the level he or she’s attained, which questions were answered correctly and incorrectly, and the games that should be played for them to improve their score next time.

As a form of love and affection to our children. Keeping children from games that do not educate and negative social influences outside the home is at risk is a prudent step. Make educationCity be altermatif learning activities and games for your child. What are you waiting for your child visit educationCity. Click here

The Future of Curriculum Content is transforming teaching and learning, and improving children's education with its interactive learning materials. Make a difference to your classroom today with

    Trusted and used in over 15,000 schools
    Teacher resources including Topic tools, Learn Screens and worksheets
    99% of teachers ranked as excellent or good in terms of   content quality*
    An ideal resource for teaching on an interactive whiteboard
    Personalised e-learning tools for every child
    Proven to improve pupils' learning performance**

*Source: Online research survey containing 6,000 schools
**Source: Worcestershire Study 2007

Award Winning
  • Nominated for ICT Service and Support of the Year 2011 BETT Awards.
  • Nominated for ICT Company of the Year 2011 BETT Awards.
  • Finalist for Early Years Resource involving ICT ERA 2011
  • Finalist for Education Exporter of the Year ERA 2011
  • Finalist for Supplier of the Year ERA 2011
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