Senin, 20 Februari 2012

How To Speak Japanese

You can't learn Japanese alone.
Achieve your goals with our amazing tools.
If you want to master the Japanese language, your employer and a lot of business with Japanese businessmen, you know, Japanese people respond more to a business communicating with their language. Able to speak Japanese is the value of additional investment for your business success. If you intend to school in Japan or working in Japan or want to vacation in the land of the sun and see the beautiful mountain Fujiyama, but the constraints do not speak Japanese. NihongoUp ready to help make you fluent in Japanese. The timing was flexible your schedule can be adjusted to a solids What are you waiting to join us soon to learn Japanese online.  Learn Japanese now

Places to learn Japanese the fun
NihongoUp is an online Japanese textbook and learning community.

Our tools will help you learn and refine your Japanese speaking, reading and writing:

Interactive Japanese textbook

Learn Japanese the fun way | NihongoUp
No other Japanese textbook provides dynamic furigana, dictionary definitions, embedded multimedia, original diagrams and illustrations, native audio, refreshingly clear yet suitably comprehensive grammar explanations and an engaging narrative. Our languge lessons explain the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ and have been written for self-learners and those looking to supplement their existing language course. You won’t believe how good they are.

Level up your Japanese
Learning a language isn’t an easy task, and even the smallest amount of progress can feel like a real achievement. NihongoUp tracks your progress for you, telling you what you need to work on and where you should be heading next. In no time at all you’ll be able to boast about your achievements on your NihongoUp profile, post them to Twitter and Facebook, and display your Japanese ability in the forum. It’s great fun and really motivational. Learn Japanese now

“LinguaLift has rekindled my love for Japan and the Japanese language. I tried to self-learn with books but never got very far. LinguaLift is fun, engaging and keeps me on track.”
— Harriet Lowes (University of Oxford student)

Quickly expand your vocabulary

Once you’ve got a basic grasp of grammar, sentence structure and pronunciation, the easiest way to make rapid progress is by expanding your vocabulary. LinguaLift’s Vocab Lab will introduce you to words in a meaningful context, our native speakers will read them aloud to you, and an advanced spaced repetition system (SRS) will ensure that you memorise them in a breeze.

You certainly want to be part of us to be someone who is good at Japanese. Japanese-speaking part of your investment profitable. Wait no more  Learn Japanese now